Charity Information

LexFUN! Charities

You will be proud to know that as a member of LexFUN!, your membership supports charities and organizations in and beyond our community–both monetary and in-kind.

Monetary Donations
Annually, we make financial contributions to organizations in alignment with our goals such as the Early Childhood Committee; the Cary Memorial Library (Children’s fish tank maintenance and pass to the Boston Children’s Museum); and the Lexington Education Foundation.  Over the years, LexFUN! has awarded tens of thousands of dollars to our Scholarship Fund which enables families-in-need to send their child to a year of preschool before entering Kindergarten.  One family writes, “Thank you so much for the scholarship my child was awarded this year. Without your help the term ‘no child left behind’ would not have been true for mine.  With your help my child is able to attend pre-school at least part-time.”
In-Kind Donations
LexFUN! has created a lasting relationship with local shelters by supporting homeless families–the children benefit from our holiday gift drives, “Birthdays in a Box” program, and book/craft drives.  The Homeless mothers receive the ‘esteem’ boxes and ‘welcome’ bags that are decorated by our Winterfun Crafts participants.  At many of the special events we sponsor–including Tanglewood Marionettes–we ask that you bring non-perishable foods to support the Lexington Food Pantry.  And every Friday a member of LexFUN!–often accompanied by their children–deliver Meals on Wheels to those in-need of a meal.  Moms and tots make monthly visits to Lexington senior centers bringing fresh-baked breads; sharing a brown-bag lunch; bringing color to their gardens by planting new flower beds; and celebrating holidays.  A senior responded, “I’ve just returned from the Sr. center and from a WONDERFUL holiday celebration.  I especially enjoyed the children’s singing, and the home-baked goodies. You all are a blessing!”
To learn more about LexFUN! Charities or to become involved with the Community Service committee, please visit our Community Service Page.