Membership FAQ

Do I have to live in Lexington to join LexFUN!?

LexFUN! welcomes both moms and dads from Lexington and its surrounding towns! Membership is open to anyone. Our club was started by moms from Lexington 71 years ago. And while the majority of our activities occur in Lexington, we also promote family activities that occur outside of Lexington to within Concord, Arlington, Bedford, Belmont and beyond.

What kinds of parents join LexFUN!? 

LexFUN! members connect with a diverse community of parents ranging from their early twenties to their early fifties; families with one child or five; stay-at-home moms and dads, working moms, and parents who share life duties in a multitude of ways; all types of parenting styles, religious beliefs, political leanings, and personal aspirations. What we all have in common is an awareness that parenting is tough (incredibly rewarding too), and that it is much more fun and easier when done within a supportive community.

I have a new baby. Should I join LexFUN!?

LexFUN! serves families with children from birth to kindergarten age. People generally join as soon as they find out about us, because it is a great way to meet other families with children. We even have members who join while they are expecting their first child! For parents of infants, we offer both social and educational evening activities, as well as a drop in center during the school year where you can go and your baby can crawl around and play, as well as access to our playgroups list, which is divided by age. Members get our monthly newsletter, which lists both our own activities and what’s going on around town, as well as our annual Guide for Parents, which gives info about parks, playgrounds, preschools and more. We hold our annual Open House in September, where you can come with your baby to find out more about what we do, or you can join now in the membership section on our website.

How do your playgroups work? How can I join one?

Members may sign up for this free service year round. The playgroup chairperson provides parents with a list of potential playmates who are close in age to their own child. Groups are then formed independently. Playgroups are a great way for you and your children to have fun, share ideas, build a support network, make new friends, and enjoy a valuable social experience. Members who sign up for playgroups will receive a Playgroup Information Packet which includes a master list of other people who have expressed interest in joining and/or forming a playgroup. The packet also includes general guidelines for setting up playgroups as well as some added articles and information. In addition to age specific playgroups, there are also special interest playgroups such as a bilingual playgroups, working parent playgroups, nanny/caregiver playgroups, and pre-playgroups for expectant parents. You can join a playgroup by emailing Jessica Paul the following information: Parent/Caregiver’s name, address, phone number, email address, child’s name, date of birth, any siblings 5 and under and your school district. If you are interested in any special interest groups, such as bilingual, working parents, expectant moms, or a sibling group (a group that includes multiple age groups), please indicate that as well.

How can I find childcare?

Our booklet, Everything You Need To Know About Early Education and Community Resources (which is updated annually and distributed free to all our members) , has several sections that will be very helpful: the Childcare Services section gives information and contacts for the Lexington Family Child Care Association, as well as other State Resources, and it also contains a complete listing of all Lexington childcare centers. Members also have access to our Yahoo Group, where they can post requests for information and childcare.

How can I choose a preschool? Can you recommend one?

LexFUN! does not recommend particular preschools since the choice of a preschool depends on whether it is a good fit for the child and the family. Our Annual Guide, Everything You Need To Know About Early Education and Community Resources (which is updated annually and distributed free to all our members) , contains a complete listing of all Lexington Childcare Centers and Nursery Schools. Parents should consider whether they are looking for a traditional preschool program or one with a child care component, the schedule, tuition and ages served by the program, the particularly educational or religious philosophy of the program, and the enrollment process, all of which is detailed in the booklet. Parents can also attend our annual Early Ed night in October, which is an open house sponsored by LexFUN! for all Lexington based Preschools and Child Care centers.

How can I communicate with other LexFUN! members?

Via the LexFUN! Big Tent Forum. See Forum Guidelines here.

I am moving to Lexington, or am new here – how can I find out more about what’s going on in Lexington?

You can join LexFUN! prior to moving here, and you can view our newsletter on Big Tent or on this website. We can also suggest subscribing to the Lexington Minuteman weekly newspaper, which has a calendar of local events.  Go to: http://www.townonline.com/lexington/ for more information. Lexington also has a Newcomer’s Club.


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How can I update my address, phone number or email address?

Please update your information through Big Tent.