Forum Guidelines

LexFUN! Big Tent Guidelines for Forum Posts

 These forum guidelines will be posted in the forum each month in order to inform all of our new and current members about LexFUN’s guidelines on Big Tent for 2012-2013.  Thank you for your attention and if you have any questions about the forum guidelines please email us at

1. BE TOPICAL: Remember the mission of LexFUN! is to offer social/recreational, educational, and community service programs and events to families with young children (from birth through age five). Postings should be about child-, family-, or parent-related issues, or on topics related to living in the local community.

2. SEARCH BEFORE YOU POST:  Many topics (preschools, pediatricians, OB/GYNs, contractors, restaurants, nanny pay/policies, etc.) come up frequently. Search before you post. If there are old posts about your topic, bump one of the old threads back up, so that information can be added in one place instead of scattered in multiple threads.  Over time there will be much useful information in the archives, so please leverage this before creating new posts on the same topic.

3. PLEASE USE NETIQUETTE: By that we mean common sense usage: no swearing, personal attacks or rudeness. Members are asked to respect differences of opinions. Diplomacy is always a good policy. It is often hard to resist the temptation to write your gut reaction, but please realize that your choice of words can hurt others unintentionally. Posts of this nature will be removed immediately and members who engage in this practice will be removed from the forum.

4. DO NOT REPLY ALL UNLESS IT’S OF INTEREST TO ALL:  The default reply function to posts in the General Forum is to reply to everyone in the Forum because information is most often relevant to all membership.  However, for replies to a specific poster (e.g., a thank you or arrangement to pick up a free item, or a request for more information about a post) please do not reply to the entire group. In this case, please respond directly to the sender only or send a message via Tentmail.

5. REQUESTS FOR RECOMMENDATIONS & SUMMARIES: It is permitted and encouraged to ask for recommendations (other services, restaurants, childcare, doctors, etc.) in the General Forum.  If you post a topic to the group and you receive private comments or emails that are not publicly posted, please write up a summary of those responses and post this summary as a response to your original post, not a new, separate post.  Let’s make sure we share the information we are receiving so others can use it as well.

6. KNOW YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS/REVIEWS: If you are posting about an experience with or recommending a business, it must be one that you have firsthand knowledge of, preferably as a paying customer without a privileged relationship. Reviews of companies are to be provided by members as an unbiased resource for the LexFUN! community.

7. NO POLITICAL RALLYING: It is NOT OK to promote or discuss your political views on the list, but providing information about events or situations that contain some political content is OK as long as there is something relevant to families, parents or kids, or the community.  Information/resources about multiple views (e.g, positions in support and against a particular topic) should be publicized when available.
A. For example: OK: “Lexington Town Meeting is meeting to decide on XYZ issue which will have an impact on our schools. For more information, please see, and consider coming to the meeting.”  Not OK: “URGENT: Need to STOP Town Meeting from approving XYZ”
B. When web site and/or contact info is available for opposing and supporting views on a particular issue, please provide both sets of information.

8. REMOVE PERSONAL INFO WHEN FORWARDING: If you forward a post off the list, please strip all personal information from the post.

9. NO SPAM. No Jokes/Chain Letters/Junk Mail/Off-Topic Discussions/Heart-Tugging News Stories or Editorials, political or otherwise. Articles on parenting topics are OK, but please ask yourself if it’s really of interest to the whole group.

10. NON-LEXFUN EVENTS: If you would like to post to the forum information about a non-LexFUN! community / school event that is relevant to LexFUN! members, please post it in the forum.

11. OB/EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: If a member would like to submit a job opportunity that is relevant to LexFUN! members, please feel free to post it in the forum section.

12. MEMBER BUSINESSES/OUTSIDE GROUPS: Members who own a business or belong to other child-related groups are invited to post once per LexFUN! membership year to the forum to announce the availability of their products/services. After that, any advertising must go through the appropriate publicity or advertising channels. Contact for more information. Please do not send unsolicited emails marketing your business or organization on this site. Members who engage in this practice will be removed from the forum.

13. CHILDCARE/NANNY ADS: Members may post ads announcing the availability of a nanny or babysitter that they know personally (a relative, a former or current employee, etc.) in the General Forum. Members who are looking for childcare/nannies recommendations may also post in the General Forum. Nannies who are LexFUN! members may announce their availability in the General Discussion forum.

REMOVAL FROM FORUM: LexFUN!, at its own discretion, may moderate, block or remove a member from the LexFUN! forums in Big Tent at any time.

How do I Notify Someone of an Inappropriate or Offensive Forum Post
If a Forum post does not follow the guidelines or is offensive to another member, that post may be flagged for moderation.  A member may flag the post, which will then alert the admin to review the post and then either delete or ignore the flag.
▪ When a member feels that a post is inappropriate, he or she may “Flag” the post by clicking the “Flag” check box directly below the post. A drop down menu will ask the “flagger” to identify how they would classify the post.
▪ Flagging a post will notify the Forums admin that there is an alert on a post and the Forum admin will have the option to delete the post or allow it.