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New Sellers and Returning Sellers at the LexFUN! Consignment Sale

Download the Pricing Guidelines  Download the Tagging Instructions

Become a Seller

Consigning your clothes and toys is so easy! Just log onto our special consignment sale website to list your items, create and print your own tags. 

If you consigned last year, use the “Returning Sellers” section and click “Register Here” (to sign up for this year's Sale).

If this is your first year consigning, use the “New Sellers” section.

Sellers earn 50% of the items sold and the balance goes to our LexFUND! Community Fund, helping local families in need by providing monetary donations in times of crisis, granting preschool scholarships, and supporting community initiatives.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Sell Your Items

LexFUN!'s Helpful Hints for Successful Consigning

Step 1: Register for the sale

Step 2: Gather up your items

The LexFUN! Consignment Sale features high quality, gently used merchandise so there are some restrictions on what you can sell.

What can you sell?
  • Children’s clothes (premie/newborn to youth size 12)
  • Children's outerwear
  • Children's shoes
  • Children's costumes
  • Toys & Games
  • Movies & books
  • Strollers
  • Baby furniture such as high chairs, pack-n-plays, and swings. **Please note we are not accepting cribs on the sales floor this year.**
  • Bouncy seats, monitors, baby carriers, baby gear and toys
  • Bikes, ride-on toys, and wagons
  • Children’s furniture
What can you NOT sell?
  • Maternity clothes
  • Clothes with stains, tears, missing buttons or broken zippers
  • Stuffed animals or violent toys (such as guns or weapons)
  • Car seats that have expired or been recalled (by law, we can’t sell them)
  • Undergarments
  • Opened/used breast pumps
  • Used bottles, pacifiers, teethers or sippy cups
  • Pregnancy-related books, or outdated media (i.e., cassette tapes)

Please don’t be offended if we return items to you during drop off or remove items from the sale that are found to be damaged.

Prepare your items

Spending a little extra time getting your items ready will make a HUGE difference on your profits.


Clothes that are clean, pressed, and smell fresh, with buttons and zippers closed, look better and generally sell first.

  • Clothes should be put on wire hangers (wire hangers take up less room on the racks than plastic hangers). Hangers should be positioned so that the top of the hanger forms a question mark when looking at the front of the garment.
  • Sets tend to sell better than separate items. So match up separates if you can.
  • Pants, jeans, overalls and shorts should be folded and price tags easily accessible.
  • Onesies – Hang your onesies on wire hangers.
  • Starch, a little bleach, an iron, or a needle and thread work wonders!

When consigning, please remember that every seller has that clothing item in their 'For Consignment' pile that is stained, ripped, or just doesn't look as good as it used to. Rather than try to sell these items, support the Lexington Public Schools by utilizing the textile recycling bins found at every Lexington elementary school for all ripped or stained clothes and old stuffed animals. Schools get rebate $$ for bin contents! LPS recycled close to 74,000 pounds of textiles ($37,000!) last year! It is literally a win-win, reducing what would go to a landfill/incinerator AND supporting the schools! These bins accept clothing, footwear, accessories (like bags and belts), linens and stuffed animals (which we cannot accept at the LexFUN! Consignment Sale). If you don't live close to Lexington we encourage you to check out the Baystate Textiles website to find a drop off in your community!

Hangers: Need a source for wire hangers? 

  • Free Hangers
    • Dry cleaners – some give freely, others don’t. Ask for recycled hangers.
    • Goodwill and thrift stores – many have boxes of hangers you can take for free or buy cheaply.
    • At checkouts – it never hurts to ask for a few extra hangers when you’re in the check out line.
    • Facebook – sometimes all it takes is “Anyone have some wire hangers I can take off your hands?”
    • Freecycle
    • Companies with uniforms – banquet halls, some restaurants, mechanics, dentist’s offices
  • Cheap Hangers
    • Walmart – Mainstay wire hangers, 10 pk black or white
    • Amazon - Several options offered


Only sell shoes that are like new, with little wear and tear, and clean them thoroughly.

  • Tie shoes together or place them in a clear plastic zip-lock bag and attach your price tag with clear packing tape (Scotch tape and masking tape tend not to hold so well).


Attach your price tag to back of the book with clear packing tape.

Toys & Equipment

Remove all dirt, grime and marks to furniture, large toys and outdoor play equipment.

  • Put new batteries in all toys – people will try out the toys and working ones will sell quickly.
  • Attach your price tag to toys and equipment with clear packing tape (which holds better than scotch tape or masking tape).
  • Make sure all parts are included with puzzles, toys, and games.
  • Tip: place any small parts/pieces in zip-lock bags, then securely attach the bag to the main part. If possible, include instruction manuals (download from Internet).

Step 3: Enter items and create your price tags

Step 4: Drop off your items

Consignor Drop Off: Friday, April 21 from 5-7:30pm

  • Drop off will take about 10-15 minutes. You will be asked to place your items directly onto the selling floor.
  • Bring a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope (A10 size) when you drop off your items. Put your consigner number in the return address area. We will mail your check to you in this envelope.
  • Have clothes on hangers – All clothes (except pants, jeans, overalls, skirts and shorts) should be on wire hangers before dropping off. Pants, jeans, overalls and shorts should be folded.
  • Batteries – Toys and equipment with batteries sell first. Shoppers like to try before they buy!
  • Clean & test your items – Clean and test toys and equipment before dropping off.
  • Price tags – All items must have your price tag securely attached BEFORE you arrive. No handwritten price tags can be accepted. Do not use duplicate tags.
  • Pre-sort clothes by age – All clothing needs to be sorted by size and gender when you arrive at drop off.
    • Helpful tip – Put a rubber band around the hangers for items that are all the same size and gender. For example, group all girls’ size 6 months and all boys’ size 6 months separately.
  • Pre-assemble furniture and equipment – Assemble items such as swings and highchairs to avoid losing pieces and parts.
  • Recalls – Be aware of recent recalls (visit CPSC.gov for the most current list)

The LexFUN! Consignment Sale has a reputation for high quality merchandise so there are restrictions on the items accepted. Please don’t be offended if items are returned to you during drop off or removed from the sale if found to be damaged. Items may be denied for any of the following reasons: expired car seat, stains, tears, missing buttons, non-functional zippers, missing parts, or items we do not sell.

Step 5: Get Paid

  • A check will be mailed to each consignor several weeks after the sale with individual proceeds. Consignors will receive 50% of the proceeds from their items that sell. 
  • At the end of the sale, all unsold items will be donated to charity and will not be returned to individual sellers.
  • You must bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope (A10 size) when you drop off your items. Put your consigner number in the return address area. We will mail your check to you in this envelope.
  • Document your tax deduction. Within a few days after the sale you will receive an email notifying you that sales data has been uploaded to your account. To access this information, visit www.myconsignmentmanager.com/lexfun and log in as a "Returning Seller." Then in the middle of the page under "Make a Selection for Your Next Step," click on "View Settlement Report" to see your total. You can see what items sold and for how much, as well as your grand total. Then you can print off the list of what didn’t sell and use that documentation for your tax receipt. It is important that you print this list by Friday, May 5, 2023 because Settlement Reports are only available for two weeks after the sale (at which point the sale is archived in the My Consignment Manager system). Download a Tax Donation Receipt.

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