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Playgroups - Connecting Families

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Registration for playgroups takes place in the beginning of October, January, April and June.

This year, due to COVID-19, playgroups have looked a little different, they have gone virtual (with some live socially distanced meet ups based on individuals comfort levels). Typically these playgroups would be about meeting in-person and making friends, for you and your child. Right now they are primarily working to provide us parents with a group of peers that are going through similar experiences. The good news, Virtual Playgroups are still a great way to have fun, share ideas and make new friends.

If you have an infant right now then you know first hand that it is not easy during this current environment of COVID-19 and social distancing; playground meetups, coffee with mom friends, baby play dates at a friends house are all things that keep you sane when you have a little one and those are just some of the things that are restricted right now.

If you have a preschooler you're likely looking for new ideas on keeping them entertained and if you are enrolled in, or considering, preschool you probably have a million questions and concerns.

But please don’t feel isolated while isolating, LexFUN! is still here for you! Sign up today to be matched with a group of local moms going through similar experiences to you right now. Similar highs and lows, struggles and milestones. The group will be virtual at first, with the possibility of transitioning to live in-person socially distanced meetings if desired.

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